Sacred Offerings with Fire Phoenix Dancer  

             It is such an honour to be in service to people who are ready to embrace their fullest potential, overcoming all their limitations: wounded stories of their past, self-sabotaging behaviours, old contracts, negative self-judgments, repressed emotions, dis-ease, unhealthy patterns, poor self-image and unworthiness.  

My greatest wish for you is to rise up, shine & be your authentic self!

The following practices have helped me to deepen in my sense of wholeness, self-love and empowerment and I feel completely on purpose and joyfully in service sharing these practices with others.      

8th Fire Animal Helpers & Guides

8th Fire Animal Helpers & Guides

Shamanic Energy Healing & Spirit Journeys

The ancient origins of shamanism are from Siberia, and all of the teachings were distributed around the world and culturally adapted from there.  My ancestors of my maternal lineage were the Koldun (medicine women) of the Ukraine, passing on this ancient wisdom from mother to daughter for generations.  This bloodline wisdom was lost for the last two generations and have been activated by the ceremonies and teachings of aboriginal spirituality and my personal quest to know myself and my purpose.  

I study with Pete Bernard, a fifth generation Algonquin midiwin (medicine man) of the Bear clan of Golden Lake, Ontario.  I completed Pete Bernard's "Earning the Light" program here in Edmonton, Alberta, in January 2015, and will continue with his teachings in an advanced program starting in 2019 (  I currently offering shamanic healing and journeys through Healing Connections (, where you can book a session with me in person, or alternatively over the phone or Skype for a long distance healing session anywhere in the world.

 Ecstasy of Kundalini Dance  Luke GS Photography

 Ecstasy of Kundalini Dance

Luke GS Photography

Kundalini Dance

Kundalini Dance is a guided dance ceremony where we intentionally root into the energy of the Earth, and invite this compassionate energy to rise in our bodies through our breath and allow movement to be our medicine, as seen in so many indigenous cultures from around the world.  Each dance is orientated to the energies, themes and elements related to a particular chakra.  As we dive deep into meditative self reflection, we become self-aware as to where we are blocked in this area of our lives.  Through movement, breath work and intuitive sounding, we release unexpressed emotions, limiting beliefs and energy blockages in our bodies that create pain or dis-ease.  Each dancer is guided to become their own empowered healer, learning to listen to their bodies and honour their emotions.  Kundalini Dance is a way to sweat your prayers with a tribe of likeminded people, and together, we are able to dance with the energies of the Divine, in ecstatic union, with the remembrance of who we truly are.

The essence of this dance journey was channeled by Leyolah Antara from Byron Bay, Australia, and she continues to cultivate this tantric practice, along with life's work to support women to bloom in their sexuality and their empowerment as leaders.  For more information on Kundalini Dance from Leyolah's website:  


Awakening In The Dream 2015  Luke GS Photography

Awakening In The Dream 2015

Luke GS Photography

Guided Meditations, Ceremonies & Healing Circles

 I have learned to create safe and sacred spaces where people can gather in small groups and transform their lives through the power of individual and collective intention and supported by our ancestors and all of our angels and guides, whatever we see them to be, as well as Creator/God/Goddess/Universe/Source/Divine/Great Mystery.  

I have learned ceremonial protocols such as how to facilitate a forgiveness ceremony and fire ceremony in the Algonquin tradition.  I also have had experience allowing my everyday self to step aside and allow the voice of my Higher Self to lead meditation journeys, and I have explored a number of themes with local sound healers as a healing circle.  The unity and community that those experiences bring are so special and definitely is a wonderful experience of the power of individual and collective intention, whether it an intimate healing circle of 12 or a larger community event of 200+ participants.

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”
— Gabrielle Roth
Fire Phoenix Dancer

Fire Phoenix Dancer