Kundalini dance

Kundalini Dance is a "sweat your prayers" dance ceremony that honours dance as medicine for the Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit!


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Kundalini Dance: Origin, Map & Intention

Kundalini Dance is the united deep feminine wisdom from many cultures and traditions that honour dance as a way of re-member-ing who you are as an essence energy of divine origin, with your body being a bridge between Mother Earth below and Father Sky/Source/Universe/Creator/God above.  

Kundalini Dance is a ceremony where we conscientiously connect to the energy of the Earth, a serpentine creation energy of Kundalini Shakti, and invite this energy to rise in our bodies through our breath.  Kundalini Shakti is a wise ancient mother that lovingly brings awareness to our lives and all our creations, and is a frequency that shakes and breaks up all energies that are not resonant with our divine origin and original plan.

By dancing, we allow movement to be our medicine, creating freedom in our body, mind, emotions and spirit from any stagnant energies that may accumulate and eventually express as dis-ease. Through the dance, we allow these dense energies to be compassionately offered back to the Earth to be composted back into Love.  (These dense energies may include limiting beliefs- lies and illusions we have given our power away to, stagnant energies in our bodies that may create pain or dis-ease, and anything that we are carrying as a burden that is not ours to bear).  By rooting into the energy of Mother Earth and letting go of old pains from unexpressed emotions, we create much more room in our hearts and in our lives for our Divinity to express and for Love to enter our lives.

In a Kundalini Dance ceremony, the ceremony dance guide offers a safe and sacred space for everyone to dive as deeply as they will allow themselves to go in a class, respecting all expressions as we journey through the chakras, and together explore each aspect of our lives represented by each chakra.

With a firm belief in the power of healing in community circles, Olivia welcomes women and men, anyone who self-identifies from a sexual or cultural minority, as well as anyone who is physically challenged or facing mental health issues to participate each series, seeing the diversity of all the participants as an opportunity for us all to empathize, understand and support one another to rise above our personal and collective stories and fulfill our potential.  

 Olivia~Fire Phoenix Dancer became a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator in 2012, and teaches two transformational 10 week series each year- one in autumn from October-December and one in spring from April-June in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where she currently resides. She has created a transformational weekend workshop called Metamorphosis, and would love to share the magic of Kundalini Dance in your community!

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Origin of Kundalini Dance: Leyolah Antara

This unique ecstatic dance modality was birthed through Leyolah Antara of Australia, who continues to grow and evolve these teachings through her commitment to uplifting and inspiring the divine feminine within women and men around the world. 

If you would like to deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine, Kundalini Dance (Chakra Alchemy Series), Magdalene Womb Wisdom, the Temple of Isis teachings, and Tantric Ecstasy, please connect with her site directly:


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be a dancer to take a Kundalini Dance Series?

    Absolutely not! This class is more about tuning into the intelligence of your own body, making the journey from your mind to your heart, and trusting the creative and intuitive movements that simply happen when responding to the atmosphere created by the music. This is freeform movement and you can explore moving any way you like in the moment. Everyone in the world the ability to “be danced;” it is in your blood, bones and ancestry.

  2. If I have mobility issues/current injury, can I still take the series?

    People have taken the class while recovering from injury, and are simply responsible to listen to their own body in class and move accordingly. People have come feeling ill, and sat out and meditated and had profound experiences just being in the energy. People with neurological issues have had incredible benefits in their increased body coordination. People who are in wheelchairs are always welcome to explore dancing.

  3. Is this a female only class?

    This class has always welcomed men and women and all who identify as a gender/sexual minority. We are all here on the dance floor of Life to rise up to our fullest potential, and what better than an opportunity to do that than together? We are co-creating a radically authentic, inclusive and safe container for us all to learn and grow and support one another.

  4. Is there a drop-in option for this class?

    Yes, for those who have danced a full series with myself or another qualified facilitator. Since each class builds upon the last, your commitment to being to every single class is important, not only for your own experience but as a a commitment to the group you are dancing with.

Radical Self-Responsibility Agreement

I have chosen to take Kundalini Dance as a free-will choice, knowing that it is a transformational journey navigating the body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

I understand that Kundalini Dance is transformational; I know and accept that my life will change as my awareness increases, emotions are released, and my perspectives evolve. 

As a sovereign being, I take full self-responsibility for my experience, my health and wellbeing during this Kundalini Dance series.  I understand that Kundalini Dance may have health benefits, however it is not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and attention. 

I am committed to showing up every week, not only as a commitment to myself, but to the group I am journeying with.  I understand that this is energy work, and I am part of a group dynamic and that my presence is important.

I understand we are creating a safe space for authentic expression, and I am committed to keeping all things shared by other dancers confidential.  I can share my own personal experiences of the class, but not of anyone else.

I know that my facilitator and guide, Olivia Kachman, also referred to as Fire Phoenix Dancer, is committed to doing her best to support me during my 8 weeks of classes.  I know that it is my personal responsibility to ask for support from key people in my life, other dancers in class, and from my facilitator, when I need it. 

I commit to not resorting to blame or victim consciousness in my experience of Kundalini Dance, Olivia Kachman, or other students in the class, knowing that I am being called to the path of radical self-responsibility. 

As a human being walking an evolutionary path to be the best I can be, I authentically commit to the process represented by the journey of Kundalini Dance and take radical self-responsibility for my experience and well-being of my body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.


Supportive Reading & Resources

There are so many valuable tools that compliment one’s Kundalini Dance journey, and I encourage all my dancers that want a deep and integrated experience to read, to journal, and to have a daily practice that supports them throughout their 8 week journey and beyond.  These valuable to anyone who is committed to personal development.

I highly recommend that my dancers purchase Leyola Antara’s book Kundalini Dance: Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys as a guide for their own deepening in their dance experience.  She is my beloved teacher and the Creatrix
who channelled in Kundalini Dance as a sacred practice of self-realization. If you would like to truly dive deeply into the essence of this tantric practice, I encourage you to read this to compliment your dance journey.


If you would enjoy learning more about the chakras and their energies in relation to your Life, there are countless resources available to you on the Internet that are valuable.  My favourite book is Wheels of Life-The Classic Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, Ph.D., which is a comprehensive and beautifully written text.  


One of the best books I have read to help people move past their anger, blame and victim identity is by Colin Tipping’s book Radical Forgiveness.  It is one book that I have borrowed to people and really would like back (although I totally forget who last had it!) because it holds such wonderful keys and reminders to revisit that are useful to anyone who has ever held a grudge.  The author has free resources on his webpage that help people to work through changing their perspective.  This process is really what Jesus was conveying in his teachings and is essential to liberating oneself and the world.


In The Four Agreements- A Practical Guide to Personal Wisdom shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors. The teachings are simple:

  1. Be impeccable with your word

  2. Don’t take anything personally

  3. Don’t make assumptions

  4. Always do your best


I really appreciated the beautiful teachings of the book Warrior Goddess Training- Become the Woman You Were Meant To Be by Heatherash Amara.  It is filled with powerful reminders, guidance and exercises that help every woman to be more mindful in their daily lives, create healthy boundaries, express themselves fully and to tune into the depths of intuitive knowing.  She has studied with Miguel Ruiz and it is powerful written around the experience of the feminine.  She has an additional reading list at the back of her book to expand on every chapter, and it is epic!  You can also find many resources on her website:   




This series has transformed my life in so many ways. Every single class I found myself releasing stuck negative energy that was creating physical pain in my body. Olivia’s guidance words, presence and encouragement to dance helped me to connect to the energy of Mother Earth/Shakti and Father Sky/Shiva. When I added myself to this energetic symphony, magic happened as these energies surged and pulsed through me, clearing me out, helping me to release, all while being held in safety so I could hear the Universal Wisdom and messages for me. This is the best “non-traditional” therapy I know. I highly recommend it.
— A.N.; Returning Dancer

For a collection of testimonials from dancers from the 2017/2018 journeys, please check this out: