Love Note From Olivia!

I wanted to let you know that I love you. 

It's true!

Not the romantic kind of love, but a soulful love (and respect!) for you on your journey through Life.  Has anyone told you recently how amazing you are? 

This Earth School journey is not for the faint of heart!  It is ecstatically up and then plummets down, then wobbles uncertainly and expands when it finds that sweet balance. It contracts you and ruffles your feathers, then fills you with love and offers you a generous buffet and a red carpet treatment, and then has you begging for a reprise and some mercy...and sometimes it feels like that can all happen in a mere 24 hours, let alone a year.  We are magnificent works-in-progress of completely perfect imperfection, and no matter where you are at in your Earth School and self-love journey, there is always a deepening. It is always about the journey, and there really is no destination.

You need to give yourself a high five, a pat on the back and a huge hug RIGHT NOW for all that you have been through, and not only are you still here breathing, but you are doing Life in a style that is your own that uplifts and inspires others along the way!  (Wow, you really are AMAZING!)

However our paths have crossed, I am grateful to know that you value deeply knowing yourself, working on being the best version of yourself, and learning to love yourself like never before!  

Thank youfor being in my life!
Thank youfor giving me the opportunity to share my gifts with you!
Thank youfor being the gift you are to the people you meet!

There is nothing like the hero's journey back to yourself to make you radiate that oh-so-sexy confident glow of someone who loves themselves!  If you are there right now, celebrate how awesome that is!  YES!

As always, I have your back in rediscovering that glow if you feel a bit down and lost, and I will always know for you how AMAZING you are! (especially when you forget, because we humans are good at that)

Together, in Love, we are changing the world.

Much love,

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer


Find some really nice stationary and your favourite pen, and write the best love letter of your life- to yourself!  Say all the things you need to hear, sing your praises, and don't leave out a single juicy detail.  Seal the envelope with a kiss, and write your address on the front, and pick a fancy stamp.  Give the letter to a friend for safekeeping who could mail it to you when you least expect it, or most need to be reminded of these words written by you!

Olivia Kachman