Animal Medicine

What is an animal that comes to you often in nature and what do you think its messages and medicines are? The natural world is always trying to communicate with us, and it is important to slow down and listen.  Animal medicine surrounds us, and it is a choice to being to tune in and listen.  

For my whole life, red-tailed hawks and great-horned owls have been present, revealing themselves to me, flying in front of me. I learned that they represent the divine masculine and divine feminine teachings on the medicine wheel and are opposite of each other, which is really interesting. When I knew that, I could see how one aspect was calling me to come back into balance, and that has absolutely been so important for me.

My Medicine Animal that walks with me in my Middle World (conscious daily life) is the jaguar- both golden yellow and black (black panther = black jaguar). I find that as I communicate with these beauties, life becomes more seamless and simple for me. They accompany me on any Middle World journeys I do with a client, and they are why so many elders have been happy to teach me, as they are powerful and indicators that the medicine ways/original teachings live inside of me and I am meant to be in service.

My power animal changes, as it is here to help one integrate pieces of themselves that are neglected, ignored, rejected or set aside. For a time, I had a creamy golden stallion that I ran with, and she was the epitome of freedom and wild nature! I really needed this reminder as she came at a time I felt stagnant, depressed and very limited in my life.

If you are ever curious what your Power Animal (animal representing a neglected part of yourself that needs reclaiming) or Medicine Animal (animal that walks as a guide with you everyday since birth) are, you are welcome to book a Empowerment Journey session and discover the powerful guidance of these animals in your life right now!

There are many resources online that are helpful for those people who are very tuned in and guided to the medicines of animals.  Although I love to cross-reference these resources, I think it is more important for people to trust the messages and teachings, medicines and strengths that the animal reveals to you in the moment, whether in life, meditation or a journey.  Like all symbols, they can mean different things to different people and I think it is much more powerful to arrive at your own interpretation first, trusting your own intuition and instincts, before reading up on what others have to say about the animal and its qualities and teachings.


Olivia Kachman