My Ideal Client- Is it YOU?

My ideal client is anyone who is absolutely ready to heal and to welcome in positive change into their lives (they are DONE with their experience of pain, patterns, trauma) and are deeply committed to their healing.  I am a transformational guide, which means that I can walk with your for a time and empower you to do your own healing, and this means that all my clients need to want to live a life beyond their wounds and limited perspectives!  You have to believe even with the "faith the size of a mustard seed" that healing, change, miracles, and your dreams are possible for you to receive and live.  Your consciousness is crucial to the results you receive, therefore healing your consciousness is often the first step!  If this is not something you are open to, it is best that I make myself available to those who are ready to fully participate in their healing.

When I say participate in your healing, I want to emphasize that healing work is a very active process.  If you are expecting to come to see a healer, and that they will take care of everything without you having to do any work, think again!  My role as a shamanic healer is really to created a safe and sacred space for you to be empowered and involved in your own healing, and in journey work, I am often leading you to the place in your consciousness that needs addressing, and YOU do all the healing while I simply hold the consciousness in myself and the space to support this transformation within your own mind, body, and Spirit.  Healing work is essentially healing energy and consciousness at the roots, and your outer world will collaborate by creating potentially triggering scenarios for you to choose a different and more healed perspective, response, and outcome.  These situations are actually in your favour to help you make conscious choices rather than simply react, exercise your new neural pathways, feel the old emotions you have repressed, and create awareness that you may had never had before.  The good news is that these "tests" lessen over time, and you will find yourself living in a new way.  Think of this as a co-creation and collaboration between yourself, your guide/healer, and Creator.  

Naturally, the path of sharing healing work with the world is one that has the pre-requisite of being wounded and overcoming these issues.  I do have an affinity to certain clients, as there are things that I have healed in myself and/or have observed and understand the dynamics around.  These include:

  • Anyone in transition who are "rebirthing" themselves- whether this is someone moving on from a relationship, career path, or certain life direction and finding a new way that resonates with who they truly are.  
  • People experiencing PTSD and panic attacks that are emotionally triggered cycles.  
  • People in spiritual crisis/dark nights of the soul and who are awakening to their spiritual gifts and feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Children who are experiencing disease/trauma, or who are gifted and need a mentor.  
  • Professional/high level athletes as I have an understanding of sports psychology, chronic injuries, and the power of the mind. 
  • Through volunteering in organizations helping those experiencing chronic homelessness, addictions, and having a criminal record, I have helped many people break free of these cycles in a sustainable way.
  • Other healers, leaders and change makers who need support in getting out of their own way and "being the change they wish to see in the world."
  • Anyone experiencing sorcery/bad medicine/entities who need assistance breaking free from this interference.

It is my joy to be in service helping people overcome and overstand their issues, wounds, self-inflicted limitations.  If you feel called to working with me, and you are ready to take charge of your own life experiences and destiny, please do not hesitate to sign up for your first session with me called "New Beginnings" so we can get acquainted and develop a sense of what your healed version of your life looks like, so I can help guide you there!  

It is my honour to empower you!


Olivia Kachman