My Offerings & Sacred Practices I Recommend

8th Fire Healing & Journeys

With the blessing of Treaty 6 elders, I am honoured to be sharing energy healing, journeys and ceremonies since being initiated in medicine rites from my Algonquin teacher, midewin (medicine man) Pete Bernard. I work closely with your guides and ancestors and my own and follow any intuition and guidance I receive throughout the session. Whether you are looking for an energy tune up, a deeper healing journey or simply some clarity in your life, I hold a safe and sacred space for all who are on the awakening journey of healing and rising up to their absolute potential. I currently share transformational sessions at Codega Wellness Centre in Northeast Edmonton (11209 65th Street) and I would be honoured to help empower you to rise up from any past events or traumas, through any life transitions and changes where you are rebirthing yourself anew, and addressing the root cause of any physical or mental health issues you may be experiencing. We all need someone as a sacred witness to get through this deep healing, and I am here for you when you are ready to return back to Love, and feel the freedom of "rising from the ashes" in your own life and soaring again! My medicine name given to me is Fire Phoenix Dancer, and it is a great honour to guide you through the flames of transformation! Your first step would be booking a "New Beginnings" 75 minute session. For more info and to book your session:

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

On the night of the full moon, the students of the 8th Fire Medicine Lodge offer a Full Moon Fire Ceremony for people to gather together and offer their prayers for themselves, others and All Life to the flames. It is a beautiful spiritual practice, no matter what your cultural or religious background may be. Everyone is welcome to attend! The upcoming ceremonies will be held in Emily Murphy Park at the far west fire pit (closest to Groat Road bridge) and they will be November 23, December 22, and January 20th respectively, and all ceremonies will start at 7pm, so aim to arrive by 6:45 p.m. All the protocol information is here: I often facilitate or co-facilitate the ceremony, so please say hello if you come. These events are free of charge and open to the public.

Kundalini Dance Journeys and Retreats

Kundalini Dance is a "sweat your prayers" dance ceremony that honours dance as medicine for the Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit. In each class will get the opportunity to expressively move through each chakra and its' associated energy and element. This movement meditation will nurture your creativity, get your heart beating, and leave you feeling connected to the Earth, your Divine, and everyone you share the experience with! You do not need any prior dance experience, and if you have mobility or health issues you are welcome to take in the class listening to your body and modifying to suit your needs. This class is open to anyone 16+. For more information:

I offer two transformational 9 week series each year- one in autumn from October-December and one in spring from April-June in Edmonton. I am working on the dates of my upcoming 2019 offerings, and you will definitely hear about them if you are on my Facebook page (@phoenixalchemy = Fire Phoenix Dancer) or if you subscribe to my newsletter on

Sacred Labyrinth Walks

Labyrinth nights have been featured at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Edmonton (7621 101 Avenue) since the Chatres Cathedral pattern was meticulously laid on the floor in 2003. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Labyrinth walks and dances in this space. The Sanctuary of the Centre for Spiritual Living is open to the public to walk the labyrinth the first Friday night of the month. Even if you have never walked a labyrinth in your entire life, or are new to meditation, you will be welcomed and gently guided by the volunteers who greet you and prepare you for this mindfulness practice that has been a tool for centuries! We observe a sacred silence as you enter, take off your shoes, and prepare for your walk. It is a beautiful experience where the room is lit by candles and filled with music to support your walking meditation. The walking portion of the night will be from 7:00-8:30 p.m. and the music will be suited for your contemplations and inner journey. Around 8:30- 9:00 p.m. we will begin the labyrinth dance journey guided by a playlist of lively music, and together, you can celebrate life as you dance in and out of the labyrinth together. You are welcome to stay for both parts of the evening, or one or the other- the choice is up to you. Suggested Donation is $5-10, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The Facebook group is @EdmontonLabyrinth

Belief Repatterning with Suze Casey

You may have heard that if you want to change your Life, you need to change your thoughts. This is absolutely true, and yet, most people do not have a tried and tested way to do so. Suze Casey from Calgary has been helping people throughout North America to do just that, and her process is called Belief Repatterning. There is nothing more simple or effective than this technique, and it has completely been a game changer in my own life. Her weekend courses are incredible and affordable, and I really believe that if everyone on the planet learned Belief Repatterning our world would completely transform!

I love referring people to Belief Repatterning, so I would really appreciate it if you registered using my referral code: 2573

Perhaps someday I will become a Belief Repatterning Coach, but for now, I am just thrilled to send people to check it out for themselves from the very woman who created it! ;)

*** If you go to a "Critic To Coach" session free info night, you can get a ridiculous deal on attending a weekend workshop called “Flip Your Switch" that is very affordable for you and a friend to attend together. You can pre-register your spot at a “Critic To Coach” workshop that goes through the basic belief repatterning technique here with referral code 2573: