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When is the best time for transformational healing?

I often get asked this important question, and the answer can be variable:

  1. "When you are stuck or done with your [job, relationship, addiction, dis-ease, negative thought patterns, suffering] and need support to help you move on or to call in something better."

  2. "When you are calling in or beginning a new [job, relationship, adventure, life phase, commitment] and would like clarity, focus, guidance and support."

  3. "When emotions are coming up and you need a witness to help you move through them to completion."

  4. "When you notice repetition of the same patterns in your life with different times and characters, and you still have not figured out what you are meant to learn."

  5. "Now!"  (Now is always the best time for your healing, as tomorrow has not yet happened and the past is past!)

Of course, there are a few more considerations that many of my client's love to utilize to ensure that they are fully supported in their healing session, and these factors include birthdays, moon phases, astrological events.


Your birthday may be a time where you welcome being celebrated by friends and family, but did you know that your birthday was not only chosen by your soul, but is a time where your Akashic Records are most accessible, your destiny most fluid and changeable, and healing is most receptive on a cellular level?  Similar to the caterpillar dissolved in the cocoon whose liminal cells are visioning the butterfly that will be soon rebirthed, we humans have an incredible capacity to heal our karma, negative patterns, and redirect our lives with the incredible visionary ability we have three days before and after our birthday.  I wish I knew this a lot sooner, as I would have been more intentional around my birthday for years!  For this reason, birthdays are a perfect time to book a healing session for yourself or someone you know- what a gift!

Moon Phases

The lunar cycles have a tremendous impact on our Earth and our bodies; influencing the tides of the oceans, the emotional cycles of our lives, blood cycles in women, and are beautiful to observe and utilize as a guide to planning our months.  Consider the Full Moon as New Moon as Yang and Yin respectively.

 The Full Moon's energy is one of peak energy, creativity, productivity and completion of projects you can celebrate.  In addition, the waxing (light grows) moon is a time that dredges up the emotions that need to be felt, and is blamed for the "lunatic" and erratic emotionally reactive behaviour that is often witnessed or experienced the three days preceding or after a full moon.  For this reason, it is a wonderful time to receive support in emotional healing, and a perfect time to set your intentions for what it is you are ready to let go of, as it will be fairly obvious and "in your face." 

As the moon wanes (light recedes), we are typically more focused on clearing tasks, clearing energies, purging clutter, and letting go in general, which is an ideal time for healing sessions that involve these themes.  As we come to the climax of the New Moon/Dark Moon, we are at our most intuitive and introspective time, and it is optimal to work on setting goals and intentions, becoming more in tune and intimate with what we want, creating a vision board, dreaming and manifesting.  This translates to being a really optimal time for booking a healing session that involves guided meditations or journey work. 

Even if you do not even realize it, often when we book healing sessions, we are aligning to these times of the lunar cycles to support us!

Astrological Events

Although I will never be an expert on astrology, I do follow certain experts that offer an energetic forecast similar to a weather report of the themes that we will be collectively addressing in a particular lunar cycle, and after tuning into this for years, I have found it profoundly helpful awareness for myself and my clients. 

The astrologers/astrology sites that I find helpful and resonate with are:
1. Mystic Mama:  I find these reports are wonderfully in tune with emotion and the divine feminine, well written, and always spot on.
2. Kaypacha's Pele Reports:  Kaypacha is a quirky eccentric and entertaining man who is very awakened and offers readings with healing mantras.  
3. Lee Harris Energy:  Lee Harris is an absolutely amazing intuitive, and if you are highly sensitive and empathic, he always has information that is helpful.
4. Freewill Astrology with Rob Brezny: With a syndicated horoscope that has been in newspapers around the world, he writes in a way that is poetic and funny and gives lots of space for you to create the reality you want to create.  Check out his Pronoia book- a masterpiece of rebelliously positive writing for chaotic times!
5. Sun Soul Astrology with Meru Matu: One of my clients shared this woman's more cosmic reports with me this year, and I feel I am learning alot from the big picture she sees that others astrologers do not.  Here is her report on the upcoming eclipse this week:

Solar Eclipse Jul 13 ~ 20° Can 41′
Lunar Eclipse Jul 27 ~ 04° Aqu 45′
Solar Eclipse Aug 11 ~ 18° Leo 42′

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