The Phoenix In Me, Acknowledges the Phoenix in You!

The Phoenix in Me, acknowledges the Phoenix in You!

When I was given the medicine name, Fire Phoenix Dancer, I was told that I was going to be guiding people through their personal transformations, helping them to dance through the "flames of transformation" with grace.  My business Phoenix Alchemy was birthed with the intention to be a sacred witness to people's healing journeys, especially focused on supporting people in the darker times that no one likes to talk about- death and loss, abuse and trauma, relationship and career transitions, physical and mental health challenges, dark nights of the soul, or the initiations of the awakening journey.  I know that we are not meant to do this deep work alone, but together, supporting one another.  

 It is my great honour to be with you during your personal times of transformation and rebirth!

I don't believe that our paths have crossed randomly. 
I believe that you know that there is something that you are ready to let go of that is getting in the way of your fullest potential, whether it is an old program or story, an ancestral cycle that ends with you, a trauma that you would like to transcend, avoided emotions that need expression, dis-ease that you are ready to address the root cause of, an imbalance in your mind or emotions that has you in a downward spiral.  Perhaps you are ready to tune into your own spiritual allies and guidance from your Higher Self or your Spirit Guide and begin thriving and living your destiny rather than fumbling forward.  

Whatever the reason is, I want you to know that  I AM HERE FOR YOU.  

I believe we are all meant for greatness and have an important role on this Earth right now.  It is time for us to heal for all our Relations, to inspire change and deeper connection with one another and All Life, and to rise up together!  

I see you: You are a Phoenix like me!

If you are ready to take your life to the next level turning those wounds and burdens into gold, I AM HERE FOR YOU!  I will meet you in the flames, in those uncomfortable edges and emotions, and lightly guide and empower you to be an alchemist of your own human experience.  

 Are you ready to feel the Freedom?   
 I am HERE FOR YOU whenever you are ready.

Love and blessings always,

Olivia Kachman ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer
Transformational Guide
Phoenix Alchemy
Facebook:  Fire Phoenix Dancer or @phoenixalchemy

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