A World Without Hope

Words are incredibly powerful.  They are a force of creation, based on the intention and meaning behind the word and the vibration it holds.  It is important to be conscious about them and use them wisely.

I have had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the word HOPE.  I find it the use of the word hope archaic as we evolve our consciousness and learn to hone our thoughts in mindful ways.

It is one of those sugar-coated optimistic words that is just so sexy because it suggests optimism and a wanting for something to happen.  It is easy to throw ‘hope’ into a sentence, with good intentions of being positive, yet it seems to create a chasm between the situation and possibility rather than energetically putting all emphasis on a more powerful statement.

There seems to be a whole lot of hoping in this world:

“I hope only best things come your way.”

“I hope I get that job.”

“I hope my friend’s cancer goes into remission.”

“I hope we stop destroying ourselves and this planet someday.”

“I hope…”

To me, we are giving away our power when we use the word hope rather than reframing our thoughts in a new way.  For instance, do you really want to spend your energy hoping that we stop destroying our planet, or do you say, “I know it is possible that human beings, one by one, will start making better choices and stop destroying ourselves and our planet.”  To know something, is way more powerful than to only hope.  Feel the difference? How about:  “I visualize my friend’s cancer retreating and going into remission everyday.”  You are now in your power again, and using your mind to visualize a positive outcome, not just engaging in wishful thinking, but using those thoughts to create a desirable change by informing those cancer cells that their time is up.  Likewise, “I see myself being perfect for that job.” eliminates any doubt that you may not get the job by using language that is more direct.  “May only the best things come your way!” suggests little room for doubt to creep in that something negative is right around the corner, lurking.  Hope drains our sentences of any life-giving, energizing, and powerful zest- why would we continue to use this term?

By using the word hope, on some level we are participating in separating ourselves from the solution that is desired.  We are putting our power in the “fates” rather than actively sculpting our reality with our words in a direct, positive and meaningful way.  To me, the use of hope suggests in a subtle way, that someone has been losing faith and giving up, and that gives a signal to the Universe that is much weaker than is called upon.  In a corrosive way, hope eats away at our power as humans to create meaningful change through its lack as a word.  It suggests scarcity, separation, and the possibility of an outcome you are not behind.  So why use it even sparingly, if at all?  I know that we are getting wiser in this game of human consciousness to be using words that we are outgrowing as a species.  It is time that our language grows up with us.

I would be completely okay if we lived in a world without the word hope, eliminating it from our language and mindscape completely!  If you want to truly be confident about something- know it, see it, feel it!  A world without the word hope, actually has a chance to become what we all dream it and desire it to be.

I challenge you for 30 days to be conscious about where in your life you are using the word hope and finding a way to reframe your words in a new way that boldly and powerful states what it is you really want and what is possible!!!!  Feel the difference in your body when you say it in a new way and watch all the ways that life changes with your choice of “living without hope.”

Olivia Kachman