Remembrance Affirmative Prayer

These words flowed through me 7 years ago, and they are as relevant as ever and resonate with me completely.  May we all discover that inner peace is the source of Peace on Earth, and that we are the change we wish to see in the world.




Remembrance Affirmative Prayer

Nov. 11, 2010


I know that there is a magnificent creative force and spirit that has shaped the evolution of all life on Earth.  Throughout the ages and in this moment now, I acknowledge the Love-Beauty that is ever-present and expanding, evolving and expressing itself in life on Earth.


All is One.  In this recognition of Oneness, I know that all is perfect, whole and complete on this Earth, as well as within my-self.  When I hold myself in my arms, I hold the entire world in my arms.  To be Love is to be the most powerful source of healing and upliftment for All.


I know that I AM LOVE as the very core of my Being. Experiencing a world that is filled with love, beauty, peace and harmony, starts with my commitment to truly see the love, beauty, peace and harmony within my-self with complete acceptance.  I know that the conflicts within my-self are reflected in the conflicts observed in my outer world, and I know that as I accept, love and forgive my-self, I have the power to influence All That Is. I understand that as a collective, one by one, we are evolving the Earth into a higher state of consciousness through this knowing, and although remembering our past is important, expressing my choice to be Love is the most important freedom I have in every moment.  I choose wisely.