Thanksgiving Reflections

Thanksgiving is a daily practice!

Gratitude is an essential key to our evolution.  If you are not consciously grateful for what is showing up in support of you to learn, grow, love more deeply, and thrive on a DAILY BASIS, you are missing one of the main ingredients of a joyful life.

When you are looking for things to be grateful for, they show up everywhere and in everything- in every object, environment, person, interaction and event.  You quickly discover you are absolutely, unequivocally loved and supported by Life.  

Everything is designed to support you to evolve back to your original state of Divinity and Oneness.  I used to think this was not true (how could it be when I am suffering so much?!)  but I have discovered that when you include gratitude for every annoyance, every conflict, every challenge, every heartbreak, every disaster- something  profound changes.  You begin to realize that it is ALL part of a greater design to liberate us from our stories by giving us opportunities to try on a new consciousness, write a new story for ourselves, and react in a different way to our triggers, liberating us from our suffering.  When you begin to look for the good, you realize that it is absolutely everywhere, even in the piles of shit, traumas and wounds we are oh-so-not enthusiastic to look at!  

My challenge for you is to take up some form of Gratitude Practice that you do every day- whether in a journal, on an app or in social media, in meditation or while you take a walk through nature.  Be your own spiritual scientist and see how you feel when you begin to consciously integrate Gratitude into your daily practice.  If you don't believe me, try it out and gather the results for yourself.

I am in a place of incredible gratitude for ALL MY TEACHERS today.  I feel like bowing to all the teachers I called forth into my life who have helped me to heal old wounds and traumas, to deconstruct my limited beliefs I either took on myself or inherited from my parents/ancestors, and guided me back towards the truth of who I AM.  

I am grateful TO MYSELF for being ready to say yes to a new direction whenever they presented- for following my heart's calling towards certain practices and traditions that have allowed me to embrace myself with more love and acceptance, allowed me to reclaim my power, live from my truth and be who I AM.

I am aware I am not the transformational guide or teacher for everyone out there.  I acknowledge that you will always deeply know when someone shows up in your awareness who will be that for you and holds medicines for your evolution.  I honour that, and I deeply respect that it is a calling!  In saying that, if you are hearing the call, that is one thing, but taking action is completely another.  

When and if you hear a calling to what I offer, and you are ready to take the first step, I am here for you with open arms, big compassionate hugs, and lots of things to share to help empower you on your own journey.  I want you to be your best self.  I want to see you rise and shine!!!

Even if you feel lost, despairing, cycling with your story, and stuck in negativity, I will know for you that you can overcome all that and more, burning it all away, revealing your most radiant and empowered YOU.  

I see YOU.

With love and deep gratitude for my journey and yours,

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer