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Cup of Self Love: A Valentine's Day Meditation & Sound Healing

  • Omega Spirit Centre 103, 9942 82 Avenue Edmonton Canada (map)

You deserve some quality one-on-one time with the most important person in your life- YOU!

You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your significant other, lover, friends and even children (14+ is encouraged), however the experience is designed for you to experience your own heart and love. Your relationship with yourself is THE most important relationship you will ever have and the key to relating with compassion, intimacy, trust, acceptance, understanding and wholeness, becoming the foundation for all the ways you relate to others in the world. No matter where you go, what you do, or whether you are in a relationship or not- the relationship with yourself definitely makes the biggest difference in your experience of life, as you are always present!

This could be your option of how you spend your Valentine's Day this year:

Imagine entering a special space lit by candles and soft mood lighting where you can relax into stillness and enter a deep contemplation of your own Self-Love. You quietly set up a cosy space for you to journey deep into your own heart. You gently acknowledge that you showing up here is a wonderful act of self-love.

With graceful guidance you are taken on a meditation journey, where you are the star of the contemplations and reflections, giving and receiving. Each word is meaningful and takes you deep within your inner world. Accompanying the words are vibrations that hold you in your journey, supporting every exploration, every realization, every breath. You are surrounded in a soundscape that enters your body, mind and soul with its powerful presence. You are supported by the beautiful loving energy every step of the way. Emotions may rise and fall, and you let them, as you are opening to your vulnerability, your truth, your essence. All is welcome in this sacred space. You are safe and held by yourself, your guides, the facilitators, cacao, and the collective that has gathered with a similar intention. You are loved. You are Love.

Location: Omega Spirit Centre #103, 9942 82 Avenue, Edmonton ( doors will open at 6:40 pm and we will start at 7:00 pm. The front door to the building will be locked shortly after we begin. Please be on time!

To bring: water bottle, yoga mat, a blanket/pillow/meditation cushion, slippers- whatever will make you feel cozy for the journey lying down. The room will be free of chairs, however, they will be available if sitting/lying on the floor is not comfortable. 

To note: Come as you are: truly, authentically YOU. We believe in the beauty and power of being raw and real. We welcome that. We provide this event, as we believe in the true power of Self-Love and we want to create a loving and inclusive space for people from all ages and backgrounds to gather as a true testament to the essence of Love.

Your facilitators:

Olivia Kachman-

As the"soul proprietor"of Phoenix Alchemy, Olivia is here to serve you in your healing and awakening journeys of personal transformation and liberation from what it holding you back from experiencing your true potential. Olivia is committed to creating safe and sacred spaces for people to experience who they truly are. Whether she is sharing channelled meditation journeys, the ancient medicine of shamanic energy healing and journeys, or the powerful practice of Kundalini Dance, Olivia is deeply honoured to be in service to the Edmonton community with her intuitive gifts, mental health care advocacy and support, and her passion for bringing people together in circles.

Olivia is thrilled to be a new practitioner offering sessions out of the Omega Spirit Centre!


Facebook page: Fire Phoenix Dancer (@phoenixalchemy)

To book a Transformational Tuesday session:

Deborah Bortscher-

Deborah is a Music Medicine facilitator and Soundscape artist who creates the foundation for deep listening and nature reconnection using crystal bowls,NA flutes, chimes, drums, voice and many other soft sounds instruments. She will help guide you on your journey of self love using the 4 elements of music medicine which are rhythm, melody, harmony, and silence. Deborah has been an active coordinator of Edmonton Drumming Circles on Meetup, and is hired by corporate offices, not-fo-profit organizations, schools and hospitals to bring her passion for the healing powers of music and vibration to the Edmonton community.


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” Buddha

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” Mark Twain

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball