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Kundalini Dance- Root Chakra *Courage to Bloom Series Begins!

  • Centre For Spiritual Living 7621 101 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB, T6A 0J6 Canada (map)

Who is Kundalini Dance for?

Men and women 16+ who are deeply desiring:

1. Freedom in Life through Freedom of Movement! (no choreography or dance experience is required) If you feel stuck/unclear/full of fear, this is a good way to get things aligned again.

2. To remember the Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit connection and learning how to check in with the intelligence of your body and emotions and either heal or come back to stillness.

3. Shifting your perception towards a relationship, event, situation, transition... so that you can be free from your wounded perception of it and begin to live your life in a new way.

4. To explore "dance as medicine" from different traditions around the world in a dance based on ceremony, breath work, sacred space, and releasing repressed emotions.

5. Self-Love & Acceptance of all that you are- light, shadow, and every shade of grey.

When & Where is the 2018 "Courage To Bloom" Series?

Monday nights from April 9-June 18 from 6:45-10:00 p.m. at the Centre for Spiritual Living at 7621 101 Avenue in Edmonton. There is plenty of on street parking and a parking lot west of the building. Please enter the front door.

April 9- Intro Class (***bring a friend to try the class out with you)

April 16- Root Chakra (red)

April 23- Sacral Chakra (orange)

April 30- Solar Plexus (yellow)

May 7- Heart & Thymus Chakra (Green/Teal)

May 14- Throat Chakra (Deep Blue)


May 28- Third Eye Journey (Indigo Blue)

June 4- Crown Chakra (Violet)

June 11- Celebration!!!! (Potluck, Sharing, Passion Show)

*** This facility is wheelchair accessible! Woo hoo! If you have some mobility/energy issues, you are always welcome to come to class, be part of the community and yet sit in a chair and meditate/chair dance/visualize.

  • Centre for Spiritual Living7621 101 Avenue NorthwestEdmonton, AB, T6A 0J6Canada (map)

What you will Receive: 

  • You will get 3 hours/week of class involving two hours of movement and time to settle into the space/opening and closing circles/time to mingle and meet people.  
  • You will get weekly FB group messages that help you to learn about the chakras and get you focused on your life with some reflection/journalling/life practices you can integrate. 
  • I am available to support you in a variety of ways between classes because I know how turbulent the awakening and healing journey can be from a lifetime of experience. I am here for you!!! You are welcome to connect with me on the phone or book a healing session with me for further support and integration (scroll below for more details).
  • You will be part of a Tribe of likeminded, "going deep" into their own healing participants that are going to be there for you as well. We always help each other out and support one another outside of class.
  • I give little gifts each class that sometimes make people's days just a bit better. Everyone's loves surprises like me, right?
  • We will have an awesome celebration together on December 19th!

For all details and to register: