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Sacred Fire Ceremony

Students of the 8th Fire will be offering another full moon fire ceremony. You are welcome to join us.  All the details of protocol and considerations are listed on the event.  If you can arrive by around 6:45 p.m. we can smudge everyone into the space and begin the ceremony at 7 p.m.

Turn Left at the "T" intersection and we are usually at the fire pit at the end of the road (on the right). If that pit is already being used there is another at the opposite end of the park.

SEE Fire Pit Locations in the NOTES below.

Students of The Edmonton 8th Fire Medicine Lodge are hosting a traditional Algonquin Sacred Fire Ceremony in celebration of the Full Moon.

Sunday, April 29, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Smudging begins at 6:30 so please arrive a bit earlier than 7:00.

You will need to bring offerings for FOUR rounds of ceremony. Offerings can consist of any organic plant medicine, such as sage, tobacco (organic), cedar, a twig, plant leaf, etc.


The Sacred Fire Ceremony is an Ancient Algonquin tradition. The ceremony consists of opening sacred space, lighting the fire, offerings made to the fire and ensuring the fire is ceremonial (all of the above steps will be conducted by members of The 8th Fire Medicine Lodge).

Once the fire is deemed ceremonial there will be three rounds of offerings:

FIRST ROUND will be a cleansing round, what participants would like to surrender or let go of; 

SECOND ROUND will be for what participants would like to bring into their lives; and the

THIRD ROUND will be for gratitude of past healings or learnings, or offerings for friends and family members.

FOURTH ROUND is for blessings to anyone, or anything (including yourself).

Once the fourth round is complete the facilitator will open the space up for sharing. After sharing, the fire ceremony will be complete.

Smudging consists of burning sage leaves and letting the smoke drift up from your feet to your head to help correct your bodies energies. The smudging process helps to lift any negative or heavy energy on or in our body before we step into sacred space. All participants must be smudged prior to joining the ceremony.