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 is a passionate woman rising to fulfill her evolutionary potential by following her heart's calling to fully embrace the visionary creator, shamanic healer, ecstatic dancer, priestess and messenger archetypes within her soul. 



Spiritual Work is Priceless

I find it incredibly difficult to put a price on freedom!  Essentially, that is what I offer through shamanic healing- freedom from past wounds by guiding and empowering an individual to heal the root of an issue in their psyche so it no longer has a trigger, negative reaction or limitations associated.  For someone who has serious physical or mental health issues, has experienced abuse of any kind, has experienced intergenerational trauma/patterns it is a phenomenal gift to live life on the other side of those issues so they no longer keep that individual a prisoner within their own mind and heart

I know this to be true, as I have been phenomenally grateful to have been on this healing journey myself, and I can attest that I am a whole new woman as a result!!!  In a recent session, a client shared with me that in one session he healed, reconciled and was liberated from his father's childhood abuse (something that 40 years of psychotherapy did not accomplish) and was able to forgive his father on his deathbed and heal his relationship with his mother.  Now that is priceless.  I expect miracles everyday, and this sort of phenomenal transformation is commonplace with my clients as long as they are absolutely done with their issue, are personally invested in living their healed outcome, have positive people surrounding them who believe that their healing is possible, and are ready to 'do the work' and embrace the change that healing presents.  When all these factors align, the shamanic energy healing and journeys can offer the liberation and peace of mind that people are looking for, and that for most people, is priceless!

We live in a different world than those generations before us who were sheltered and provided for by the community for their valuable contribution to the community they lived in as healers, mystics, herbalists, etc. That simply is not the practice anymore. That is why I charge for the services I provide.

Energy Exchange Is Required

Most people who have a calling towards healing or spiritual work encounter resistance within themselves at some point in how to put a price on their offerings.  Not only do we sincerely want to help each individual that we meet, no matter their economic circumstances, but there are many limiting beliefs around money inherited by a plethora of past life incarnations in similar roles.  I have been healing my relationship with money (and continue to do so) and now I can sincerely see it as a form energy exchange necessary to demonstrate commitment to an individual's personal healing. 

I have offered many gifted/complimentary healing sessions over the years, and I have noticed that when money is involved, people are more invested in their mind-body-emotions-Spirit to completely heal their issues- and that is what we both want!  I am in the business of empowerment, and by putting a price on my sessions, I am empowering people to not only take their healing seriously by valuing it, but inspiring people to attract abundance and heal that within themselves limits their ability to create, receive and give in this world.  I have had some wonderful people hold me accountable in this way to “find my way” and I made miracles happen to pay them and got the best results out of my commitment! I learned a big lesson, and I am paying this lesson forward to you now.

I am open to conversations about barter and trade, as long as it is a meaningful exchange completed in a timely manner.  As one northern Bush Cree elder shared with me, there was a time when people travelled 1000+km to see a spiritual healer or medicine man up North and would bring 25kg of sugar and 25kg of flour (for bannock and cooking), game meat butchered and prepared, blankets, and would chop firewood for a day just to be healed!  When I heard that, it hit home that there was a significant and meaningful exchange that occurred- wow! If that translated to a $ amount, it would be significant. The gifting/barter economy is a beautiful thing, as long as it represents a fair exchange in value and a barter can be done within an agreed upon time period to be fair.

I am simply sharing this, as I have learned that the more we all value and love ourselves and our lives, the more likely we are to value the services that help us to live our best life possible. Part of my role is to help you to value and love yourself. Naturally, you will also value what I have to offer.


* You can pay when you book the session or at the beginning of your session.

  • Paying at the time of making the appointment tells the Universe you are ready and committed!

* For e-transfers or Paypal, my email address used is

* You are encouraged to pay in cash, silver, or in Bitcoin (I can share my Bitcoin wallet with you)

* Email me if you have a proposal for barter/trade at

  • I have the right to refuse a particular barter or trade suggested if it does not meet my needs or feel feasible.

* Prices are subject to change; all promotions will be announced on my blog or through my newsletter.